1. Third party data

The information contained within a PPSR certificate is taken from the Personal Property Securities Register administered by the Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia and the National Exchange for Vehicle and Driver Information System managed by AustRoads Ltd. Myspare will provide you with a current copy of the information available from these sources at the time that you purchase a PPSR certificate, however it has no control over the accuracy of the information provided from these sources, and notes that the NEVDIS data will not necessarily be current, complete or accurate as at the time of the search.

2. Encumbrances

If there is a mortgage, hire-purchase agreement, lease, etc. registered against the motor vehicle, these will usually be displayed on a PPSR certificate. If you purchase a vehicle that lists any of these registrations, the bank or registered party may still have rights allowing them to repossess or sell the vehicle.

If there are no encumbrances listed on a PPSR certificate, you will be generally be able to purchase the vehicle free of any other encumbrances that may exist. However, there are several exceptions, and we recommend that you review the fact sheet "Collateral described by serial number: some considerations" provided by the Registrar of the PPSR for more information, to see if any of these apply to you. If there is any doubt about whether you fall into any of these categories, we recommend obtaining professional legal advice before relying on a PPSR certificate.

The encumbrances listed on the certificate will be accurate as at the time the certificate is generated, however it is possible that other encumbrances may be registered between the time of the certificate and the time that you complete the transaction. For this reason, we recommend obtaining the certificate on the day of the transaction.

In the event that there is a later dispute, your certificate may be used as evidence of the lack of encumbrances in court. We recommend making a physical or electronic copy and keeping it in a safe place, just in case.

3. Written off and stolen vehicles

PPSR Certificates includes vehicle information taken from the National Exchange for Vehicle and Driver Information System managed by AustRoads Ltd. For vehicles manufactured from 1989 onwards, the certificate will specify whether the vehicle has been recorded as written off or stolen in the NEVDIS database at the time the report was generated. However, it may take time for a written off or stolen vehicle to have its status updated in this database, and no stolen vehicle data will be available for Tasmanian vehicles. As such, the lack of any such notification in the report will not necessarily mean that the vehicle has not been written off or stolen.

4. Payment

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5. Access

This website and its services are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. As our services are reliant on the availability of third party data sources which we have no control over, we make no guarantees as to the availability of this website or any services offered on this website. We do not warrant that this website is free of viruses or other malicious computer code. You have an obligation to take appropriate precautions against viruses and malicious computer code, and we accept no liability for damage to your computer or data as a result of your use of this website.

6. Privacy Policy

You will not be asked to enter any personal or private information on other than your email address, which we will use our best efforts to store securely. Unless you consent otherwise, your email address will only be used to deliver any PPSR certificates that you purchase, and will not be sold to third parties or otherwise used for marketing purposes.